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Under The Radar #8: Word Up Dog, Perry Rhodan: Kampf um Terra, Awesome Land and more

Welcome to the eighth installment of our Under The Radar column where we showcase a handful of good games that we may not have been able to publish as full articles on the site. Ultimately, with this, smaller developers get vital exposure for their games and you get to have more games to play on your plate. If you know of more quality games released recently that have not got the attention they deserve, let us know by leaving a comment!

Word Up Dog by Sarah Northway

Word Up Dog is a word game with a twist. A lost puppy finds himself stuck underground, and must dig his way out while spelling words with the letters he finds. Collect items and bonuses in 7 unique levels all while meeting a crazy cast of hip-hop slang-slinging animals along the way. Think you got what it takes, Dog? You ain’t gonna know till you try. Word up.

Google Play Link: Word Up Dog

Perry Rhodan: Kampf um Terra by Gamopolis

This is a game that is a blend between the real-time strategy and tower defense genres, and it is based on the universe of the Perry Rhodan science fiction series. The game starts with the first mission to moon, where Perry Rhodan finds a damaged space ship build by the Arkonids. One thing leads to another and he finds himself having to fight the Topsids. The space-theme graphics look good and the game seems to offer a more complex dose of RTS and TD, but it remains to be seen if this is worth the $12 asking price.

Google Play Link: Perry Rhodan: Kampf um Terra

Awesome Land by FreakZone Games

Manley’s motorcycle has been stolen by evil aliens. It’s up to you to help him kick some alien hide and claim it back in this incredible parody of the great platform games of the past. Venture into a twisted version of the Nevada Desert, discover alien bases, stamp on monsters with your massive biker boots and weave between furious flamethrowers. Oh, and munch on meat… from the walls!

Google Play Link: Awesome Land

Forever Lost: Episode 1 by Glitch Games

This is a well-received adventure game on iOS. Awaking in a mind you don’t know to a world you can’t remember. Surrounded by things that can’t be real, haunted by experiences long forgotten. Who are you? Where are you? How long have you been here and how do you escape? (Note: This is the SD version of the game. A HD version is due out soon)

Google Play Link: Forever Lost: Episode 1

Rotor Episode 1 by Snjohus Software

Rotor is a fast-paced vertical shooter that comes with a storyline. The colonists are forced to use their only intact space-worthy vessel to seek help when their colony is attacked by aliens. The game has everything fans of this genre will like – 8 primary weapon upgrades, 10 special weapons, 24 unique enemies and 6 badass bosses that’ll challenge your resolve.

Google Play Link: Rotor Episode 1 free | Rotor Eps 1 Full

Color Sheep by Trinket Studios

Hordes of vicious wolves have emerged from the mouth of Wolfcano to steal life and color from the world. Now the sheepish Knight of Light, Sir Woolson, must ready his color-changing fleece and magical powers as the last defense against the darkness! Help Sir Woolson mix colors to generate beams of wolf-incinerating light using three colors only – red, blue and green.

Google Play Link: Color Sheep

Get The Nut by Pixibots

A puzzle game that’ll keep even the most hardcore fans of the genre pleased with 144 levels in all. Squirrely has lost his lifetime collection of acorns in an unfortunate geyser accident and now he needs your help. Roll the animals around and get Squirrely to the Acorn, but beware, not all animals are fluffy as they appear to be.

Google Play Link: Get the Nut free | Get the Nut

Chundos + turbo by Chundos Studio

This is a light-hearted racer with brilliant 3D graphics. Somewhere in Mexico the greatest race of all times is about to begin. Race with the unique characters and help one of them to win. But remember, be very careful in battle mode because your opponents are very cruel, they will do everything to exploit your car and win the race. Like by shooting you with a bazooka!

Google Play Link: Chundos + turbo

Super Cricket by Nikhil Suresh

This one’s for cricket or sports fans in general out there. Lose track of overs as each one whizzes by in seconds. Finish matches in minutes as you score centuries and overcome challenges like in no other game. Smash fours and slog sixes on your way to triple-digits within the allocated 5, 10 or 20 overs, and battle 6 of the world’s top International Cricket sides in Super Sixes.

Google Play Link: Super Cricket Free | Super Cricket

Gears Gear Everywhere by SpongeAAMP

Use different types of gears on three different planes to explore the fun of gear mechanics. Free mode allows you to create big systems of gears for your own exploration. Game mode meanwhile offers levels with unique solutions. Elements include turning target gears at a certain RPM, grinding coffee, sawing wood and more. All in all, if you’re the kind of person fascinated with how gears work, you should check this out.

Google Play Link: Gears Gear Everywhere

Space Truckers by Epiphany Games

Space Truckers is a brutally challenging reflex based trader where you’ll combine your market know how with twitch skills to make your riches. Featuring a single tap control, stark and colourful graphics and a easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay mentality, Space Truckers will make you just want to SHIP IT!

Google Play Link: Space Truckers

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