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DroidGamers News: T-shirts, Forums and Blogs have arrived

So we’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks working on a few more projects we hinted at doing over the past little while. Well now we are happy to say that they are pretty much done and ready to go, live for everyone to check out, use and enjoy. So what exactly have we done?

Well we always listen to reader suggestions and over the past few weeks the requests for a forum to use has been steadily increasing. We used to have a forum before we launched the new site redesign but because they were hardly used, we decided to not launch one immediately when we released our new design. To be honest the old forum software sucked. However, that is completely remedied now and we are happy to announce the new DroidGamers forums are live, built off of the newest IPB system with plenty of extra features we have added to the forums. Be sure to read our initial topic to learn about all the features!

On top of the forums, we’ve launched user blogs for members and game developers to use. Developers can keep fans up-to-date on games they are working on, or just sync up their current website’s rss feed to a blog here and keep everyone informed. Members can have their own blogs that also happens to be integrated into DroidGamers here, showcasing blog posts and forum discussions.

There is also a new downloads system, complete with promo codes (since Google fails at actually releasing one for developers to use) so developers can give out copies of their games as prizes to Android gamers in contests, beta invites, and so on. On top of that there is a secure, full featured marketplace launching in the next few days developers of any size can use to sell their games directly to Android gamers here in our new community. This will make it easier for everyone to find your next hidden gem of a game.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve opened up a Spreadshirt store for all of you who have been craving some DroidGamers swag. We have a few designs up there right now (t-shirts, long sleeve and hoodies, both male and female) and will be adding more designs and products over the next couple of weeks.

Everything is mobile friendly as well from the forums to the blogs, the shirt store and so on. That means you can hang out here all day, every day, at any time of the day no matter where you’re at! You’ll see new menu links at the top of this site which will take you either to our store or forums/blogs.

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