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[MWC2013] Epic Citadel shown off running on Intel’s Z2580 dual-core Atom chip

For whatever particular reason Epic Games has decided to release a new video showing off Epic Citadel on Android but this time on Intel’s Z2580 dual-core Atom processor. Recently release onto Google Play, Epic Citadel is basically an interactive tech demo where users can move around and explore some of the areas in the universe where the Infinity Blade series takes place, this mostly being a castle and the town inside the walls of said castle.

You can explore the kingdom where you can either tap to move and swipe the screen to look around or use the available dual on-screen joysticks. Aside from Epic Citadel being an interactive tech demo, the app comes with benchmarking features so you can run a few checks in order to gather performance data such as frames per second stats as well as quality settings and resolution.

The Z2580 dual-core Atom processor is part of Intel’s Cloverfield+ chip series being shown off at Mobile World Congress 2013 which started today. With Epic Citadel running on the Z2580 chip, the app runs smoothly at around 60 FPS and can handle things like realistic reflections and bump mapping pretty nicely.

Google Play Link: Epic Citadel

Amazon Market Link: Epic Citadel (Kindle Fire Edition)

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