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Bad Piggies Road Hog update now out, don’t wake the Angry Birds

The Road Hog update for Bad Piggies is now available for download. The update contains pretty much everything we have mentioned already except for one small detail we didn’t know about and that is the Angry Birds are making an appearance in this update. There are 30 new levels added to the Flight in the Night episode where you will have to sneak passed sleeping Angry Birds. Waking them equal bad things happening to you.

Also coming with the update is the Road Hog time trials feature. Players will have to get their contraptions across the finish line before the time runs out in order to win. Not beating the clock means you fail and your contraption needs to be better. A harsh lesson in the world of Bad Piggies that a few people will learn.

If you’re ready for new content in Bad Piggies, you can download this new update right now off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Bad Piggies

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