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DroidGamers News: Our official app has received a pretty big update

Well to keep things rolling with updates and new features for everyone to use, we’ve updated our app on the Google Play store with a rather big update. A whole new and much better looking UI overall, much more expandable, built-in HTML 5 support and more are all apart of this update.

 The update includes:

– Completely new UI design
– Build-in HTML 5 support for web and articles
– Sliding left menu with grouping
– Modularized design approaches to support unlimited any potential future functionality. Basically we can keep adding stuff to this at any time.
– In-App Podcast streaming or download to play offline
– In-App Image Viewer (support pinch zoom)
– Integrated YouTube with in-app YouTube Player
– DroidGamers Forums Latest Posts feed, Direct access to forums
– Direct link to DroidGamers Apparel

If you are familiar with the feel of Google Currents then you will probably be right at home with this new user interface. With the new module system in place, we can also continuously add other features. This means if you want some other feeds added to it, we can do it. Want another website added? Totally fine as well. We just need you to request that sort of stuff here.

Side Note: In the preview images it doesn’t show the article images in the list view, that is simple due to me having it attached to my PC with USB debugging on.

Some people have brought up that they would rather pay for the app and have no ads. Is this something a lot of people would be interested in or should we just leave it as-is? Either way be sure to grab the new update!

Google Play Link: DroidGamers App

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