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Google launches a browser game that you control with your smartphone or tablet

Google has launched a browser-based game where players can use their smartphone or tablet as a means to control their character. The game, called Super Sync Sports, does require that the game is played via the Chrome browser on both your PC and smartphone but using your smartphone or tablet players can control their little guy.

Super Sync Sports also supports multiplayer gameplay with up to four people being able to play at the same time. The game itself is nothing special and Google states it was made to show developers what they can do in terms of developing browser games with the Chrome browser in mind.

In this game you can choose to running, cycling, and swimming and compete against other players to cross the finish line first. After you choose whether you want to play in single player or multiplayer mode, there will be steps to follow in regards to connecting your smartphone or tablet so you can control everything with that.

While this isn’t an in-depth game by any means, it is a rather interesting proof of concept as to what can be done with the Chrome browser in terms of gaming, even integrating mobile devices into the mix. If you want to try it out, just hop on over to the Super Sync Sports website.

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