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Immanitas Entertainment brings us Dracula’s Castle and Super Bunny Show

Immanitas Entertainment has released two new games onto Google Play called Dracula’s Castle and Super Bunny Show. Immanitas Entertainment may seem like a familiar name and that would be due to the fact they will be publishing the upcoming Ong Bak Tri game we’ve talked about in the recent past. However, in the meantime, they are releasing some other games for gamers to check out.

Dracula’s Castle

Developed by Fortuna Lion Game Studio, Dracula’s Castle is a sliding puzzle game featuring the head blood sucker’s home. In this game Dracula has apparently disappeared for awhile but rumors have it that he’s on his way back home. It is your job to return Dracula’s Castle back to the way it used to be. Sliding and swapping out pictures is the only way to find the correct locations you need to be in so you can fix things up.

Dracular’s Castle Features:

• Great picture sliding puzzles
• Atmospheric high-res artworks
• Motivating time challenge
• Creepy soundtrack
• Surprising ending

Dracula’s Castle can be picked up off of Google Play for $0.99 should you want to dive into the world of Dracula.

Google Play Link: Dracula’s Castle

Super Bunny Show

This particular game is more of a 3D casual game where you will be helping bunnies escape their rather cruel magician master who only feeds them pellets instead of fresh fruit and vegetables. To rescue these bunnies players will have to perform some magic tricks of their own using trick cards in order to get them away from their master. However, the more that escape the angrier he gets.

Super Bunny Show Features:

– Cute characters, everyone loves rabbits!
– Physics based puzzles!
– Colorful and funny graphics!
– Addictive gameplay!
– Local and facebook highscores!
– Soundtrack by the “real” spanish folk musician Mangu Diaz!

There are two additional bonus games modes you can play in with the bunnies you’ve rescued in order to nab more fresh carrots. Super Bunny Show is available for $0.99 off of Google Play but there is also a free version you can check out before buying the full one.

Google Play Link: Super Bunny Show

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