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Nvidia gives everyone a video tour of their booth at MWC

For anyone not able to attend Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona that happens to be going on right now, Nvidia has decided to make a little video tour of their booth during the show, letting everyone take a look at what they have on display for the mobile side of things for this show. As you may be guessing, there is actually a lot to look at.

The tour goes through all the mobile centric showcases that Nvidia has on display for MWC 2013. This includes quad-core mobile processors, LTE modem, GRID cloud gaming systems, Project SHIELD, and NVIDIA auto technologies, even though the auto portion of it is inside cars, it is still technically mobile after all.

Once off of Nvidia’s projects and services finally go mainstream 100%, it looks like we are going to need to pick up a few more items so we can cover everything. Aside from Android phones and tablets, OUYA and GameStick, we now need to get one or two Project Shield units so we can cover that stuff as well as make sure we have access to Nvidia’s GRID cloud gaming service. All of it will be mobile gaming for Android after all.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Blog

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