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Under The Radar #9: Briquid, Sporos, Infinite, Dragon Portals and more

Welcome to the ninth instalment of our Under The Radar column where we showcase a handful of good games that we may not have been able to publish as full articles on the site. Ultimately, with this, smaller developers get vital exposure for their games and you get to have more games to play on your plate. If you know of more quality games released recently that have not got the attention they deserve, let us know by leaving a comment! Also, since we’ve got our forums up and running, the direct links to the respective game threads are provided for you to discuss or share your impressions.

Briquid by Gamious

Build bricks, remove them, or change the direction of gravity to get the water to the reservoir. All you need is the touch of your finger and lots of brainpower to complete all 100 fun and challenging levels!

Google Play Link: Briquid | Briquid Free

Forum Link: Briquid Thread

Sporos by Appxplore Sdn Bhd

Sporos is a simple yet challenging puzzle game. The objective is to light up the cells in each level with a special seed known as the sporos. Players drag pieces onto the board one at a time, arranging them to extend all the way down every row and column. Sporos demands a mix of skill, luck, and logic; in order to succeed, players will conduct clever experiments like scientists in a lab.

Google Play Link: Sporos

Forum Link: Sporos Thread

Infinite by Nexus Game Studio

Explore the cosmos with infinite. Journey across the galaxy while forming solar systems and surviving black holes. Use your orbiter to harness spatial matter to form planets and new systems while avoiding the dangers of space. Planetary and star physics affect the movement of matter, changing the play field dynamically.

Google Play Link: Infinite

Forum Link: Infinite Thread

Puzzle Retreat by The Voxel Agents

Escape to the Puzzle Retreat and immerse yourself in this unique block-sliding puzzle game from the creators of the smash-hit Train Conductor series. Relax, unwind and focus with a new type of puzzle that is both simple to learn and compellingly deep. The rules are simple: slide blocks to fill all the holes in the grid and use up all the blocks.

Google Play Link: Puzzle Retreat

Forum Link: Puzzle Retreat Thread

Dragon Portals by 10tons Ltd

Dragon Portals is an inventive spin on the match-3 genre of gaming. Experience four fantastic environments throughout the more than 70 levels and unleash more than a dozen powerups. Free the dragons by activating the Dragon Portals with your amazing orb matching skills!

Google Play Link: Dragon Portals

Forum Link: Dragon Portals Thread

LevitOn Racers HD by BeltraWay

We have seen two Wipeout-esque racers released in the past week, and you can add a third one to that list with LevitOn Racers HD. The game features 14 hard core opponents. Ride your ship over the boost arrows to get a huge surge of speed and fly past the menacing opponents. You can choose between touch and tilt controls too.

Google Play Link: LevitOn | LevitOn Demo

Forum Link: LevitOn Thread

The Rolling Dead by Exit 4 Games

The developer dubs this “The Walking Dead” meets tilt gaming. When the zombie apocalypse first struck, the residents of Tilt Labyrinth constructed traps to try to kill them zombies. Now, everyone’s turned into a zombie, save our here Rebound. Navigate Rebound through rotating saw blades, meat grinders and shooting spikes while simultaneously slaughtering the hordes of zombies.

Google Play Link: Rolling Dead

Forum Link: Rolling Dead Thread

Pettson’s Inventions 2 by Filimundos AB

The sequel to Pettson’s Inventions is here, bigger, better and more fun than ever! Help old man Pettson and his cat Findus build their amazing inventions. Which of the objects should be included and where do they fit in the machinery? Drag and drop the parts to their right spot and watch the invention go.

Google Play Link: Pettson’s Inventions 2 | Petson’s Inventions 2 Lite

Forum Link: Pettson’s Inventions Thread

Furbos by MonkeyShine

Match and feed your way through exotic Furbo islands in this match-3 puzzler. Help the Furbo chief feed and grow his tribe. Travel to new lands as you bring joy and happiness to your Furbo friends. Make use of mind-blowing power-ups and play in two different game modes in this vibrant and colorful game.

Google Play Link: Furbos | Furbos Free

Forum Link: Furbos Thread

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