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11 Bit Studios announces Anomaly 2 and it looks awesome but…

11 Bit Studios are responsible for a couple of Anomaly games already, those being Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Anomaly Korea. The company has announced that an official Anomaly 2 game is under development and judging from the announcement trailer, Anomaly 2 looks pretty damn awesome already.

Since the release of the first two Anomaly games, 11 Bit Studios has garnered quite a following since these games are tower offensive games and not your typical tower defense titles. The fact that they are offensive games where players take on the role of controlling offensive units instead of towers, and the fact each game has come with plenty of eye candy to enjoy, these games have been quite popular with gamers on Android.

Anomaly 2 takes Anomaly: Warzone Earth and brings it a proper sequel with plenty of new features. For starters, tanks and units can now transform into armored mechs which will add a new level of strategy to the game. While that is all good and dandy itself, the real big news is that Anomaly 2 will feature multiplayer gameplay where one player takes on the role of the offensive units while the other player takes on the defensive role with the towers.

Here is the kicker though that many of you will want to hang us for because we got you all excited. Anomaly 2 is only confirmed for PCs right now but a spokesperson from 11 Bit Studios said that they would ‘love’ to bring this sequel to mobile as well. Let’s just hope 11 Bit Studios turns that love into a reality.

Official Website: Anomaly 2

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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