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Dynamite Jack looks to be invading Android devices next week

The rather popular (and cool looking) 2D top-down shooter Dynamite Jack looks to be invading Android next week. Currently available for iOS devices, Dynamite Jack has players take on the role of Jack, a brave space marine, armed with only bombs and a flashlight, who must escape the Anathema Mines. Players will use stealth to sneak past guards and bombs to obliterate enemies on Jack’s journey to freedom.

Unfortunately for Jack, freedom will never arrive because not only does this game have a fair amount of levels that come with it, but there are community made maps to play through as well, making Dynamite Jack have an endless amount of content available as long as community members keep making maps and submitting them.

Dynamite Jack Features:

28 Official Maps: Each level brings you closer to the surface of the Anathema Mines. Battle your way through guards, scientists, cave trolls, lasers, and robotic spiders!
Build More Maps: Have you destroyed and crushed the game? It’s time to make MORE GAME! The super simple level editor will empower you to create levels in just minutes! You can share them with your friends and the world!
100s of Community Maps: Ready for more? Every map that is shared will be available for you to play! Skim through the most popular levels and have a blast escaping all the user created maps.

Speedrun Leaderboards: Each level in the game has its own speedrun leaderboard for competing with your friends and everyone else! Each community created map also gets its own leaderboard, so you can compete with your friends on the map you just created!

Aside from the fact that this game just looks cool visually, Dynamite Jack also happens to be a lot of fun, with a sort of Bomberman feel to it when you’re playing. The developer says that it should be arriving on Android within a week, putting the release sometime next week if all goes well. If it follows the same pricing as its iOS brother, Dynamite Jack for Android will run $2.99 when it’s released.

Official Website: Dynamite Jack

Website Referenced: TouchArcade

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