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Raft Pirates should be arriving on Android on March 7th

One game we recently talked about was the upcoming title from Big Blue Bubble called Raft Pirates. Being published by 6Waves, Raft Pirates is an interesting game where players take on the role of a sea captain that must build a raft in order to seek out resources and weapons.

Players will have to build different structures which you can use to customize your raft and your pirate crew. Along the way you will encounter enemy ships and other players that are also looking for glory and precious resources to plunder. Raft Pirates is also supposed to support a fluid playing field that changes in real time and other real players for you to combat. This is an MMO game so everyone playing will be in-game and available for plundering as will you be as well.

Raft Pirate Features:

– Enter a giant mobile virtual world where real pirates play for keeps!
– Search for sunken treasure to build the strongest raft with 33 different weapons and nine material types.
– Gather items to upgrade ships or purchase items in the shop with in-game currencies including diamonds and gold.
– Fight through five zones with five bosses each.
– Engage other pirate ships in battle by rolling the dice: the player with the higher dice roll delivers a swashbuckling blow! More weapons provide more dice to roll.
– The high seas never sleep — a raft is never invincible while a captain is away.

When we originally posted about this game coming to Android, we had the release date as February 21st, 2013. That time has come and gone with a bit of a delay on the game’s release. However, we heard from Big Blue Bubble that Raft Pirates should be making its way to Android on Thursday, March 7th, 2013.

Developer Website: 6waves

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