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Electronic Arts retires their Daily Deals widget after only 3 months

Electronic Arts released not too long ago a dedicated widget for gamers to use in order to keep track of all the sales EA tends to have with their ‘Daily Deals’ promotion. This widget landed on Google Play in November 2012 and after basically three months of being live on Google Play, EA has retired the Daily Deals widget.

So why has the widget been retired after barely 3 months of going live with the widget? Well EA doesn’t offer up any explanation as to why but we do have a few guesses. One is that the widget didn’t seem to work on a lot of devices, at least for us and we are sure we weren’t the only ones having trouble with it. Secondly, Electronic Arts doesn’t really have enough games released to warrant deals to have every day. On top of that, a lot of their games are free so for those games the daily deals would be through IAPs.

EA discontinued updates to, and retired, the EA Daily Deals Widget on Google Play. However,  EA offers a variety of other fun and free mobile and social games for you to try. – EA’s Blog

Whatever the case may be as to why Electronic Arts retired the widget, it is not available on Google Play anymore and any copies you have won’t be updated. EA will still be holding Daily Deals though, they will just be announcing them in different ways instead of through the widget. The Daily Deals widget was retired near the end of February 2013.

Thanks to Daniel T. from Ausdroid for the tip!

Developer Website: EA’s Blog

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