Day: 6 March 2013


Glu Mobile brings Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 to Google Play

Glu Mobile has brought a second game to Google Play today and this time it is the Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 game we talked about yesterday afternoon. For those that missed yesterday’s article, this is the sequel to the original game which is also available on Google Play. While keeping to the core mechanics of the original, this sequel brings with it two additional warriors: the Kunoichi Assassin and Armored Ronin.


The Book of Heroes Review: Killed by a grind

Book of Heroes is a relatively interesting game, but one that is hamstrung by a typical grind that continues to perplex me the more I see titles that offer the same. No goal in any game is interesting enough for me to spend time going over the same activity for hours at a time, and no piece of loot is worth feeling like I’m clocking in for an actual job instead of enjoying a game. In this particular case, the Book of Heroes grind is what I refer to as “soft”, or an easy-going grind that doesn’t feel as bad as it really is. Even with the easier grind the repeated content begins to take away from the fun of the game, and there are some really cool features.


EA will include microtransactions in all future mobile titles

Electronic Arts earlier this week made a statement that all future games would come with built-in microtransactions which the entire gaming industry took as being PC and console games. It’s not a far leap to come to that conclusion after EA recently included optional microtransactions in their new Dead Space 3 game. Well EA has come out to clarify their previous statement to calm all of the console and PC gamers out there. Unfortunately, it’ll probably anger all the mobile gamers instead.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 multiplayer realms list preview

So everyone is waiting patiently for the upcoming 0.7.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition to arrive because of one main feature that will come with this update: true multiplayer. This feature has been requested numerous time by almost everyone who plays this game and now we are finally going to be getting it. Of course if you missed our last article about the 0.7.0 update then you missed some important information regarding the upcoming multiplayer features.


Temple Run: Oz from Imangi Studios sprints its way onto Google Play

Yesterday we reported on the news that Imangi Studios and Disney had teamed up once again to bring the mobile gaming world another movie spin-off game that uses the Temple Run franchise like they did with Temple Run: Brave. Temple Run: Oz was released onto iOS yesterday and the Android version we figured would be released any day now. Well that prediction has come true and Temple Run: Oz is now available on the Google Play store.