Day: 7 March 2013


Under The Radar #10: Shufflepuck Cantina, Mighty Dungeons, Run For Your Life! and more

Welcome to the tenth installment of our Under The Radar column where we showcase a few noteworthy games that we were not able to publish as full articles on the site. Ultimately, with this, smaller developers get vital exposure for their games and you get to have more games to play on your plate. If you know of more quality games released recently that have not got the attention they deserve, let us know by leaving a comment!


Slash makes new theme song for Angry Bird Space with new update

We are sure you remember our story the other day about legendary guitarist Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame who also happens to be a huge Angry Birds fan was possibly getting a bird fashioned after him. Well that is sort of what happened. Actually Slash made a new theme song for Angry Birds Space after Rovio found out that the guitarist is a big fan of the franchise and asked him to get involved.