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Cut the Rope: Experiments gets a new update with lots of bugs

Cut the Rope: Experiments has gotten a new update released for it that comes with a lot of bugs but not the kind of bugs you’re thinking of. These particular bugs are of the Ant variety because this update is called Ant Hill. These little ants aren’t here to hinder you, or maybe they are?

This new update brings streams up ants into the game where dropping the candy you want to get to Om Nom into the stream of ants can help you out. The ants will carry the candy as far as the stream but if you want them to drop it before then, just tap on the candy and they will let go of it. This could also cause some problems if you’re not careful.

Since this is a new theme after all that means there is a whole new section of levels to work your way through, getting that delicious candy over to Om Nom. The update is now live so feel free to download it and try out the new game mechanic with the ants.

Google Play Link: Cut the Rope: Experiments

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