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Angry Birds Seasons gets update with new levels and power-ups

For those of you still playing Angry Birds Seasons you will be happy to know an update has arrived that brings with it some new levels to fling your birds through as well as three new power-ups to take advantage of if that is your thing to do. Unfortunately for you who still play Angry Birds Seasons, the update isn’t that big.

In fact if you are expecting a whole new Seasons episode or anything like that, you might be a bit disappointed. In total, there are eight new levels in Angry Birds Seasons, all of which happen to be bonus levels. Four of the bonus levels are located in the Winter episode Winter Wonderham, while the remaining four are located in the Halloween episode Haunted Hogs.

The update’s main focus was to bring power-ups to Angry Birds Seasons, three of them to be exact. You now have the ability to use Sling Scope, Super Seed or the Homing Bird power-ups in Angry Birds Seasons. The update is live so feel free to get it when you get a moment.

Google Play Link: Angry Birds Seasons

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