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Chaos Rings II from Square Enix makes its way to Google Play

You may remember back in mid-February that we mentioned that there would be two games coming our way from Square Enix called Drakerider and Chaos Rings II. Well Square Enix has brought one of those games so far over to Android for a worldwide release (initially it was Japan only) and that game is Chaos Rings II.

This marks the third installment into the Chaos Rings series of games for Android even though the game is named Chaos Rings II. We also have Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega available in case you weren’t aware of those existing on Google Play as well. In Chaos Rings II, players will take on the role of Darwin who has to slaughter five specifically chosen people in order to save the world. Unfortunately one of those five people happens to be a female childhood friend of his. It’s up to you whether he carries his duties out or finds a way to save everyone.

Chaos Rings II Features:

– A storyline molded by the player’s choices
– Hidden bosses and endings
– Enhanced graphics using a new rendering engine
– A strategic new battle system
– An array of character voices and music

Aside from following the storyline, and getting used to the new battle system, there are plenty of hidden content to find in this particular game including bosses to defeat. For those of you who have been waiting for this new addition to the franchise to arrive, Chaos Rings II can be downloaded off of Google Play for $15.99. Be sure to free up some space as this game weighs in at 1GB in size.

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Google Play Link: Chaos Rings II

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