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Overhaul Games wants your opinion regarding Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Overhaul Games have sent out word that they are looking for the opinions of Android gamers out there in Android land regarding Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. However, it isn’t about how the content should play out or special exclusive content for the Android version or anything like that. It actually has to do with device support.

¬†As many of you probably know by now, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will be a tablet-only game and what Overhaul Games wants is your opinion on what devices they should focus support on the most. Basically the few tablets that get the most votes will be the ones that get the game, at least when it initially releases. What is the reason behind this? Well the company is pretty small so they want to concentrate on only the most popular tablets on Android initially.

So if you want to make sure your tablet gets support for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition when it comes out for Android at some point, make sure to hit up the link below and cast your vote.

Official Website: BG:EE Android Tablet Voting

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