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The winners for the Humble Bundle for Android 5 have been selected

So, we made everyone wait a few extra days before we picked all of the winners who will be receiving a free Humble Bundle for Android 5 that now comes with nine games in total. We are pretty sure everyone is eager to see if they won so we won’t draw this out any longer than it has to be.

So since we aren’t going to draw this out, let me tell you the history behind DroidGamers and the video gaming industry in general. See, it all started when a young man… alright I’ll stop messing around with you guys! Here’s the winners:

Forum Winners

– CrisR82
– Steez
– Kapil Chaudhary
– Cockie
– Akumajo Belmont

Site Winners

– Bronislav Shtrom
– HomerSP
– LightofHonor
– Cris I. Ivanov
– Friday Appiah

For steps on claiming your prize, please head over to the forums and follow the instructions posted there (basically PM me your email within 48 hours on the forums). You’ll get all nine games as well as all the available soundtracks and any of the PC/Mac versions for the games as well. Congrats to the winners.

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