Day: 14 March 2013


Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny Review – Shooting animals out of your face

I haven’t played the first game in the Towelfight series, but I can only imagine that it has to be something similar to this second one. That means over-the-top humor, a lot of action and a definite indie feel to the whole experience. Of course, I can’t say that this means that the entire experience is quite as original as I’d like it to be, at least in some ways. I like the fact that the artwork in game is almost rough and primitive looking, as though it was drawn or painted by a high-schooler. Don’t get me wrong, I drew my way through high school (much to the disappointment of my teachers) and even though I expect a little more polish when I play an actual, real-deal Android game I like the fact that the game looks rough. So much art in the Play market is pretty but has no soul. Towelfight 2 isn’t pretty, but at least I can tell what the creators were going for.


Disney will be delaying their Infinity launch until late August

Disney has announced that they will be delaying the launch of their big cross-platform toy and video game project called Disney Infinity. Back in January Disney announced a rather huge project that they had been working on where it blended physical toys with actual video gaming. The gaming portion of the project is cross-platform including mobile and features a sandbox style of gameplay but it is much more than that. Think Skylanders but on a much more massive and interactive, ever expanding scale.


Rovio’s movie spin-off game The Croods has arrived for Android devices

At the beginning of March we mentioned that Rovio has teamed up with DreamWorks and the two companies were going to be bringing a spin-off game for the movie The Croods to Android and iOS. Well The Croods have come themselves out of their caves and are now available on Google Play to download. As you can tell, The Croods is based off of the upcoming movie of the same name slated for release in theaters on March 22nd, 2013.