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The Puzzle-RPG 10000000 from EightyEight Games has arrived

Yesterday we talked about EightyEight Games who were getting ready to release their rather cool retro style Puzzle-RPG game 10000000 onto Google Play today. Sure enough 10000000 has arrived right on time for Android gamers to sink their time into because it can be quite the addictive game.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s article, 10000000 is a Puzzle-RPG title along the lines of Puzzle Quest but instead of being an RPG style of game with quests, this game is more of a dungeon crawler style of RPG. You have your little character who is racing against the clock as he runs through dungeons. This is done in the top portion of the screen while the bottom portion has you playing a Match-3 style of game.

10000000 Features:

– Kill monsters and find loot
– Improve your gear and train skills
– Find wood and stone to improve your castle
– More than 60 objectives to complete
– Over 20 different monster types to fight
– Find items and use them effectively
– Fast paced action gameplay
– Retro graphics
– Old school music

As you come across hazards, locked doors and loot, you will have to also use the Match-3 puzzle game portion to access these things. For example, run up to a locked door would require you to match three or more keys in order to unlock the door and let your little guy through. By the way, if you’re curious about the game’s name, it is called 10000000 because that is how many points you need to earn in order for your character to gain his freedom.

10000000 is a pretty unique Puzzle-RPG title with even more gameplay feature than described above. For those of you interested in getting up close and personal to your pixelated dungeon running character, you can download a copy of 10000000 off of Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link: 10000000

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