Day: 18 March 2013


EA CEO John Riccitiello resigns, millions of Sims begin to cry

It a rather interesting twist today, EA’s CEO John Riccitiello has officially submitted his resignation to EA’s board of directors, with his last day being March 30th, 2013. His resignation is for his position as CEO of the company as well as his spot on the board of directors, both of which will end at the end of March. Larry Probst has been appointed as executive chairman temporarily and has released a public statement.


Trendy Entertainment announces Dungeon Defenders II and it will be coming to Android

While a lot of the mobile gaming world was rather down and sad about the removal of Dungeon Defenders from Google Play due to hosting issues, a spark of hope had come about with the most recent Humble Bundle for Android #5 which included Dungeon Defenders along with all the DLC content for it. While that spark was short lived, with Dungeon Defenders never coming back, Trendy Entertainment has announced that the official sequel, Dungeon Defenders II, will be arriving to all platforms including iOS and mobile.


Do EA microtransactions really push it that far?

I downloaded Real Racing 3 by game giant EA in the hopes of enjoying a bit of “real” racing. Usually every racing title I experience is cartoony or over-the-top, and I was in the mood for a game that made me feel more, I don’t know, real. The game cost nothing so I had no excuse to try it out. We’ve talked about it on the site before but I was eager to see just what all of the fuss (much of which I found out about later) was about. Being that EA had recently ran into more drama than they could possibly ever want when Sim City’s servers blew up, I was even more eager to see how they fared in the mobile market. I normally skip their games and go for Gameloft when I want a larger, shinier title.


Doodle Jump gets brought into the new age and made free

Interesting news today that we don’t hear about often when it comes to some of the ‘old school’ Android games that are still floating around the Google Play store. Doodle Jump, which was released three years ago, has been completely reworked, code-wise that is, and is now properly optimized for all the new hardware that exists in this current age of Android.


Asobimo’s Avabel Online Beta now officially open for English players

One game we’ve been keeping tabs on happens to come from Asobimo called Avabel Online. For awhile now this game has been in an open beta form but only in Japanese with no other languages available. Even though anyone could download and play the game, unless you know Japanese, you wouldn’t be getting far. Now, however, Avabel Online has dropped the Japanese-only language beta and is now available in English as well.


PSA: Attack of the clones with new fake Temple Run: Oz and Subway Surfers

Every so often we have to issue one of these PSA (public service announcement) notices about either a developer offering up a ridiculous amount of fake apps and games or about the fake apps and games themselves. Usually these fake apps and games are either laced with malware or try to get unfortunately people who think they have the correct game or app installed to dish out money for it.