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Doodle Jump gets brought into the new age and made free

Interesting news today that we don’t hear about often when it comes to some of the ‘old school’ Android games that are still floating around the Google Play store. Doodle Jump, which was released three years ago, has been completely reworked, code-wise that is, and is now properly optimized for all the new hardware that exists in this current age of Android.

Along with this new optimized code comes a new price tag, one that will cost you nothing to download and play the game. If you happen to already own the game, when you update to this new code branch of Doodle Jump, you’ll be treated to bonus maps and no ads in-game.

For those of you who are not familiar with Doodle Jump, this was one of the first games that featured the continuous jumping format of gaming. Your goal is to keep on jumping as high as you can, avoiding hazards, shooting aliens and using other goodies like bouncing pods to shoot yourself higher up.

Hit up the link below if you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Google Play Link: Doodle Jump

Website Referenced: Eurodroid

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