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PSA: Attack of the clones with new fake Temple Run: Oz and Subway Surfers

Every so often we have to issue one of these PSA (public service announcement) notices about either a developer offering up a ridiculous amount of fake apps and games or about the fake apps and games themselves. Usually these fake apps and games are either laced with malware or try to get unfortunately people who think they have the correct game or app installed to dish out money for it.

Temple Run is a franchise that sees more than enough clones and fake versions popping up all the time, especially when a new addition to the franchise is released such as the new Temple Run: Oz movie spin-off game recently released. There is a new developer account on Google Play called “FREE GAMES (Temple Run: Oz Subway Surfers)” that is offering up fake versions of both Temple Run: Oz and Subway Surfers, (Fake version can be found here for those who are curious and want to make sure you haven’t downloaded these) two of the most popular continuous racing games currently available.

Downloading fake versions of games can result in you dishing out money whether you opt-in to paying for the game yourself or through some sort of malware. That is why it is best to avoid fake versions. Unfortunately, both games are currently sitting at 10,000-50,000 downloads and while there is a disclaimer at the bottom of each Google Play listing stating “Disclaimer: This is not an actual game. It is just a link to the real game.” it is best to stay away and just go through the actual developer’s Google Play listing instead of installing some shady app that claims it is just a link to the games themselves.

If you are ever unsure about something you want to download, there are a few easy steps to take in order to make sure what you’re downloading it legit:

1) Check the reviews

2) Google the developer and the game – Almost all developers will have at least some sort of blog

3) Check various Android sites like ours and other reputable Android sites to see if the developer listed on the Google Play listing is the real one. Sometimes companies do have multiple accounts which is something we like to state here when talking about their games. A prime example is Square Enix who actually has two accounts on Google Play.

Just like the last time this happen, we encourage everyone to report this person which you can do by going through the appropriate support page here. If, for whatever reason, you did end up downloading any either of these games from this developer, be sure to check your phone out with a program like Lookout Security to make sure everything is fine.

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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