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OUYA port for popular Xbox Live platformer Fez in the works

Back in January of this year we talked about how the popular Xbox Live indie platformer Fez would be coming to a variety of additional platforms. Unfortunately at that time there wasn’t any solid confirmation as to which platforms Fez would be arriving on. Now we have a much better idea after Phil Fish went and held an IAmA on Reddit yesterday.

While multiple platforms for Fez were mentioned, we only care about Android and Phil Fish, the developer behind Fez, went and confirmed that they are currently working to bring a port of the game to the Android-powered console OUYA. Fez was confirmed for launch on Steam this upcoming May 1st, 2013 with all other platform, including OUYA, are currently under development.

Interestingly enough, an iOS port of the game is ‘highly probable’ but there was no mention as to whether an Android mobile version would be arriving as well. We would like to think that there would be a mobile port for Android at some point, especially if iOS gets one and with an OUYA version under way already.

Website Referenced: IAmA Reddit

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