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Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online MMORPG gets a big content update

Gameloft has pushed out a rather large content update for their Order & Chaos Online MMORPG which brings with it a whole new race for players to play as. With a new race also comes features like a new starting village, new skills and new gear, all of which is focused on this new race.

To be honest, the new race looks like a bunch of pissed off troll dolls, those plastic ones you could shake and make their hair go all weird. Also with this content update, officially titled Mendels Rising, there is a whole new dungeon to run through which, just like with a new race, has all new loot and gear for players to try and get for their characters.

Mendels Rising Update Features:

• New race
• New starting village
• Dungeon #5
• Voice Chat
• New quests
• New orange items
• Change your character’s name by talking to Rynime in Greenmont

Polish & adjustments:
• UI improvement: auto-sort your bag
• Graphical improvements on certain devices
• Daily Bonus system
• Switch player vs. player combat ON or OFF in the open-PvP areas
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

Like with any update to a game, Mendels Rising also comes with a variety of bug fixes. For those of you who are not into PvP gameplay, you will now be able to turn off PvP in open PvP designated areas. This means you will be able to safely quest peacefully without the fear of getting jumped if you have PvP off.

For those of you who play Order & Chaos Online, if you haven’t downloaded the update yet you can do so at any time as it is available off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Order & Chaos Online

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