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N3V Games releases a new addition to their Trainz franchise called Trainz Trouble

N3V Games have released a new game onto Google Play that is part of their Trainz franchise but isn’t all about being a train simulation title. In fact it isn’t a sim game at all and instead Trainz Trouble is a fast-paced puzzle game where players will have to manage the train tracks layout in each stage.

Players will basically be in charge of planning the train routes, changing the junctions, planning the stops the trains will be doing and avoiding crashes all over the place by properly timing everything. It isn’t all about timing though, you’ll be dropping the tracks down to get the trains from point A to point B while avoiding hazards like rock piles.

Trainz Trouble Features:

– quality puzzles for beginners to experts
– awesome train crashes
– gentle learning curve
– spectacular train smashes
– increasing difficulty as you solve each level
– explosive train pile-ups
– advanced 3D graphics
– speeding runaway trains
– in-game store to help you solve puzzles more easily
– trains crashing into cars
– more levels available for a small price
– trains crashing into trains…and cows and deer and kangaroos

The game features 3D visuals as well, something you don’t usually see in these types of puzzle/management games. This does pose one problem though and that is when trains actually crash because it is pretty damn fun to smash trains together in this game.

For those of you wanting to check out Trainz Troubles, you can download the game for free off of Google Play and try not to smash every trains you have to manage.

Google Play Link: Trainz Trouble

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