Day: March 22, 2013

Game News

Namco Bandai releases their Google Play exclusive Pac-Man + Tournaments game

Namco Bandai loves to keep the world of Pac-Man alive and kicking with new game releases and different variants of our dot eating hero. The company has released a new Pac-Man game called Pac-Man + Tournaments and this is not only a Google Play exclusive game from Namco Bandai, it is also the first time a Pac-Man game has been available as a free-to-play title (in the classic series) since the franchises birth back in May 1980.

Game News

Gameloft’s new TCG game called Order & Chaos Duels has arrived

Not too long ago we talked about a TCG spin-off that would be based off of the Order & Chaos universe called Order & Chaos Duels. Yesterday saw the release of the game on iOS and while the official press release said that it would be arriving for Android later this week, it actually launched on Google Play yesterday as well. Consider today its ‘official’ launch though for Android.

Game News

Amazon offers up their Free App of the Day Greatest Hits collection

Amazon’s AppStore is currently celebrating their second birthday and has been doing so for the past week with a variety of games and apps on sale for 50% or more off their regular price. While this sale is still going on, Amazon has decided to release a collection of games and apps for free as well as part of the celebration, calling this list the Greatest Hits collection of titles that at one point were showcased as a Free App of the Day.