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Herocraft brings Strategy & Tactics: World War II to Google Play

Herocraft has released a new game called Strategy & Tactics: World War II onto the Google Play store. This particular game is similar to RISK or Axis & Allies for those of you who have played either board game before. While there is a single-player campaign that comes with this game, the real meat will be its multiplayer game mode.

In single player, you will work your way through three different campaigns on each side of the fence. So you will play as the Axis side of the war as well as the Allies side, battling it out in some of the more well known battles that happened during World War II. As for multiplayer, you will be able to play against other people through WiFi in a hot seat style game mode as well as other multiplayer game modes.

Strategy & Tactics Features:

★ 3 full campaigns with 18 historical missions
★ Play multiplayer across different smartphones and tablets
★ Realistic global strategy with historically-accurate maps
★ A wide array of game modes
★ Juggle military, economic and scientific development
★ Several hardcore scenarios and a endlessly replayable skirmish mode

This game is pretty much a straight up strategy game based around World War II. If you’re looking for a bunch of action, you won’t find it here. However, if you’re a fan of strategy games, especially those like the board games RISK and Axis & Allies, then you’ll want to check this one out. You can grab a copy of this game for $4.99.

Google Play Link: Strategy & Tactics: World War II

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