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3D endless platformer Super Monkey Run updated with new controller feature

Super Monkey Run is a pretty fun 3D platformer that is available for free off of Google Play. The game, developed by Geimo, is also available for PC and Mac should you want to play it on there as well. Well a new update has brought with it a new feature that you PC/Mac players might want to check out, especially if you own an Android device.

The new update brings with it a new feature where you can turn your Android device, that has the game installed on, into a game controller. That means you’ll be able to use your Android device as a controller for your PC or Mac version of Super Monkey Run.

This also means that if you and a friend or family member are around and also has an Android device, you can enter into 2 player mode on the PC/Mac version of Super Monkey Run and play along side each other. The update is available for download off of Google Play. If you want the home edition of Super Monkey Run, just head over to the game’s website and download it.

Google Play Link: Super Monkey Run

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