Day: 1 April 2013


Elves Quest Review: Exploring the ARG of Elves Quest

Elves Quest, by developer Cellap, is an interesting mobile game that attempts to work like an ARG, or augmented reality game. The world of ARGs is an interesting one because it’s so new and is still being developed and explored. Some games do a much better job of utilizing the real world than others, while most of them tend to basically overlay some gameplay on top of a Google map and that’s it.


It’s April Fools Day – YouTube shutting down, Google Treasure Maps, Nokia Microwaves and more

There is one day a year where the world tends to devolve back to when we were 10 years old and pulling pranks and jokes on other people is the standard policy of the day. That day is today April 1st, or otherwise known as April Fools Day for the comically inclined people out there. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this is the worst day of the year for you. For the rest of us, it is a day of launching or getting laughed at.