Day: 3 April 2013


Crescent Moon Games’ Siegecraft TD confirmed for release onto Android as well

Crescent Moon Games publishes some pretty top notch games with their latest release being Ravensword: Shadowlands, a full fledged 3D RPG with an open world type of map. Lately the company has been on quite a roll when it comes to game releases both on iOS as well as Android and one of their upcoming games called Siegecraft TD which is slated for release onto iOS devices will also be coming to Android as well.


Rovio to bring Facebook’s Angry Birds Friends to Android soon

For those of you who can’t get enough Angry Birds games in your life, you will be happy to know that there is yet another one heading our way soon. However this particular Angry Birds game already exists but on Facebook instead of mobile, that is until now of course. Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Friends will be making its way to Android and iOS devices in the near future.


Frozen Synapse developers announce that an Android tablet version is on the way

Mode 7, who are the developers or the cult favorite shooter Frozen Snyapse, has announced out of nowhere that an Android version of their popular game will be heading to Android soon. While the original announcement was to let iOS gamers know that the game would be coming to iTunes soon, the tweet containing the announcement also mentioned that Android tablet gamers would be getting a version of their own as well.


[Updated] Want to watch Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Realms) development live? Johan is streaming live right now

For those of you looking towards the upcoming 0.7.0 update and the main feature that will start rolling out with the update which is Minecraft Pocket Realms, Mojang’s new service to allow Minecraft: Pocket Edition players the ability to experience true miiltiplayer gaming and even rent out their own servers, Johan Bernhardsson will be live streaming via TwitchTV in the next few minutes