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Crescent Moon Games’ Siegecraft TD confirmed for release onto Android as well

Crescent Moon Games publishes some pretty top notch games with their latest release being Ravensword: Shadowlands, a full fledged 3D RPG with an open world type of map. Lately the company has been on quite a roll when it comes to game releases both on iOS as well as Android and one of their upcoming games called Siegecraft TD which is slated for release onto iOS devices will also be coming to Android as well.

Siegecraft TD is sort of a spiritual successor to the original Siegecraft game but with plenty of new content as well as new gameplay mechanics. While there is a single player mode for people to play through, which is recommended in order to learn all the details about the game, Siegecraft TD will also be coming with a multiplayer mode. This multiplayer mode will most likely be the real meat of the game, combining gameplay similar to the board game RISK with that of a tower defense game.

You and up to three other players can battle it out on a map for dominance over the entire map. Towers are used to defend your own territories while you try to invade your opponent’s areas as well. Should you succeed in conquering a player’s area, you are also gifted, or stuck with, the towers that players has built. It’s an interesting blend of strategy, both offensive and defensive, with trying to keep our own lands safe while taking over your opponents.

As with any game Crescent Moon publishes, the visuals are always pretty top notch as well. So when will we be able to get our hands on this new game from Crescent Moon Games? Well the iOS version is slated for release shortly and Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon Games said the Android version should follow a week or two after the iOS launch if all goes smoothly.

Images courtesy of Slide-to-Play.

Publisher Website: Crescent Moon Games

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