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It’s official, Gamelion announces Monster Shooter 2 for Android

Gamelion has officially announced the sequel to their hit dual-joystick arcade shooter Monster Shooter for Android. Appropriately name Monster Shooter 2, this is the official sequel to the original game even though there are two of them already out: Monster Shooter and Monster Shooterr – The Lost Levels.

While details are still pretty scarce but you can be sure that the game mechanics haven’t strayed too far from the original game where players will be mowing down waves of monsters with a variety of weaponry with blood splattering all over the play. Gamelion has released a teaser trailer for us to check out in the mean time as we wait for the game to arrive onto Google Play.

If it follows the same pricing model as the original game, Monster Shooter: Back the Earth as it is called, will be a free to play game with completely optional in-game purchases for those of you who want the best weapons right away.

Developer Website: Gamelion

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