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Android Game Sale round-up: Another World, Dodonpachi Resurrection, Rayman Jungle Run and more

It is the end of another week and it seems as though there are actually some pretty good deals going on right now that you may want to take advantage of in regards to Android game being on sale. Of course all of these sales are for a limited time so better to pick them up now rather than wait till later and miss out right?

So what games are exactly on sale? Well here’s your weekly list! Just click on the name of the game you want and you’ll go straight to its Google Play listing.

Another World by DotEmu for $0.99

Rayman Jungle Run by Ubisoft for $1.28

Riding Rhodri by Heinous Games (Android debut sale) for $0.99

TIPP-KICK Soccer Championship by Stargush Entertainment for $1.07

Dodonpachi Resurrection by G-Gee for $5.99

Cryptica by Pixibots for $0.99

Ground Effect Pro HD by Jakyl for $1.99

Ground Effect Pro XHD by Jakyl for $2.99

TileStorm HD by Jakyl for $2.99

Spirit HD by Jakyl for $1.99

Mixt HD by Jakly for $1.99

Aftermath XHD by TwoHeads Game for $2.99

Juggle! by Jakyl for $1.99

Hard Lines by Jakyl for $1.99

Muffin Knight by Angry Mob Games for  $0.99

Eufloria HD by Omni Systems for $2.99

There are probably one or two that we have either missed or that will start after we post this list. If you find one that isn’t on here, let us know in the comments below so everyone can take advantage of it. Also, most of these games have demo versions for you to try out just in case you want to try one before buying it.

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