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Gameloft releases the official Dungeon Hunter 4 launch trailer. Game delayed slightly so here’s more details.

A couple of days ago we talked about Gameloft’s upcoming Dungeon Hunter 4 game and that it was slated for release onto iOS yesterday (which did happen) and that according to the french version of the Gameloft blog, the game would also arrive yesterday for Android as well. You’ve also probably noticed that it actually hasn’t arrived onto Google Play yet.

Official word is that the Android version has been delayed for a short moment for final checking of bugs and to make sure there isn’t any. Until the game is made available to Android gamers, you now have an official launch trailer to check out in the video below.

For those of you who have missed all the recent news regarding Dungeon Hunter 4, this new addition to the franchise is heading back to its roots with actual dungeons to crawl your way through instead of the arena-based system the more recent games have had. There is also an actual storyline once again. Dungeon Hunter 4 will also be free-to-play once again and this time the game is really getting hit hard in the press (regarding the iOS version) due to the IAPs it contains.

While we will reserve our judgement till we actually get to play the game, apparently Dungeon Hunter 4 has a lot of IAPs available. Everything from items and armor to unlocking skills faster are all available for purchase using the secondary currency of gems (which you buy with real cash). Healing is apparently the hardest hit area, with players getting only three healing potions per day. These potions also do not drop from anything you kill so if you want more, you have to buy them.

Again, we won’t pass judgement until we play the game and see what exactly can be obtained just through normal play versus IAPs but so far the initial reports are pretty hardcore. The Android version of Dungeon Hunter 4 is slated for release real soon. When it hits Google Play, we will post an update.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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