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Nvidia releases a new video showing off the upcoming Arma Tactics game on Project Shield

It is time for another video from Nvidia regarding their upcoming Android-powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. This time the company is showcasing the official Arma Tactics game that is slated for release soon being played on Project Shield. Interestingly enough, it sounds like Arma Tactics is going to be released soon which means this game could very well be for multiple devices, not just Tegra 4 and Project Shield.

The point of the video is to show the game off running on Project Shield and all the visual enhancements that it will come with such as increased textures, dynamic lighting and shadows, and particle effects. However, in the information we received, it sounds like the game will be arriving soon to Google Play and Tegra Zone. This means it could very well not be exclusive to Project Shield as initially thought.

In fact it is specifically stated that it will be ‘arriving soon to Google Play and Tegra Zone’ which means Tegra 3 devices will at least be getting Arma Tactics as well. This could also mean non-Tegra device could be getting the game also but if this is true, it probably won’t be until after a short Tegra exclusive period.

We will find out soon enough either way as Arma Tactics is slated for release sometime in Q2 2013.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Blog

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