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Zeptolab announces a new Cut The Rope game that’s coming to Android

Zeptolab have announced that they will be adding a new title to their Cut The Rope franchise soon called Cut The Rope: Time Travel. The timing for a new Cut The Rope game is about right on schedule as it has been awhile since Cut The Rope: Experiments was released. So what is this new game about?

Well Cut The Rope: Time Travel will still feature everyone’s favorite candy munching monster Om Nom and the goal of the game will most likely keep to what it has been since the franchise’s inception, getting the candy to Om Nom and trying to get all three stars along the way. However details about this new Cut The Rope game are pretty scarce right now, even with Zeptolab releasing a teaser trailer for it.

Our best guess is that the levels will be themed after different periods of time such as the Medieval era. We are going to guess it will be actual periods in history and not so much fantasy-based ones. Even with the teaser trailer, which you can view in the above video, we don’t get to see any of the game.

As for when it will arrive on Android, that too remains a mystery. When more details are released, we will be sure to update everyone.

Website Referenced: Android Community

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