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Battlefield 3 shown running on a Tegra 5 chipset in new video

With Tegra 4 products launching in the near future and the fact we already know about Tegra 5 chipsets (codenamed Logan) already in development, it is interesting to see a demo video of Battlefield 3 running on an early Tegra 5 chipset even though Tegra 4 devices haven’t even hit store shelves for consumers yet.

While you won’t see mind-blowing visuals on this demo video like you would from a high-end gaming PC, it is still pretty impressive to see a game like Battlefield 3 running on a Tegra device and it does look pretty damn good as it is, even for an early build of the Tegra 5 chipset. Check out the video below to see everything in action.

It does look like we keep getting closer and closer to console and PC quality gaming on a high-end caliber as each iteration of both Tegra and Snapdragon come out. Soon it will be normal to talk about PC or console games but the fact we are playing them on our Android devices.

Website Referenced: VentureBeat via Phandroid

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