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GameLaunched is a new crowdfunding site dedicated to video games

While Kickstarter remains the top dog when it comes to crowdfunding, there are a few other sites out there like IndieGoGo that are also fairly popular when it comes to crowdfunding projects. A new one has popped up called GameLaunched and this particular site is dedicated to crowdfunding projects related to video games.

With GameLaunched crowdfunding for video games on all platforms is offered up for developers wishing to try their hand at raising money for their new titles. Instead of being strictly US based, this site offered up the ability to have both US and International projects crowdfunded. As for platforms you can get your game funded for, its pretty much every single one available whether it be mobile, OUYA, PC or consoles.

The site is pretty new with the official launch happening only last week. Even though it is pretty new, there are already six games up for funding on GameLaunched. It should be interesting to see how well this site fairs against its bigger competition.

Official Website: GameLaunched

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