Day: April 17, 2013

Game News

Paradox Interactive release new trailer for Leviathan: Warships (Best trailer ever)

Back in the beginning of February of this year we talked about a new naval warfare game that would be heading our way soon called Leviathan: Warships from Paradox Interactive. While we actually had quite a bit of the games features and details already, all we were lacking was a trailer to show off the gameplay. Paradox Interactive has rectified this issue and release what is probably one of the best game trailers ever.

Game News

Nubee brings us Monster Blade, their answer to Monster Hunter games

While the Japanese Google Play store has been blessed with a couple of Monster Hunter titles already, while the rest of us wait patiently, there isn’t too many options out there to get your fix of that style of gaming. Going out, hunting down big monsters using big weapons and skills, there is some enjoyment to be had in that. Nubee has brought their idea of Monster Hunter to Android with a game called Monster Blade.

Game News

I Am Vegend: Zombieggedon makes its way back onto Google Play finally

One game we originally talked about back in our third installment of our Under the Radar series (which we will be picking back up shortly) is I Am Vegend: Zombieggedon. This game originally came out back in January 2013 but was unfortunatly pulled from Google Play a few weeks later for whatever particular reason that may be. Well for those of you who didn’t get a chance to snatch this game up back then, I Am Vegend is now back on Google Play for download.

Game News

Kemco releases their first free-to-play RPG called Machine Knight

Kemco has released another retro-style RPG onto Google Play today called Machine Knight and this particular RPG also happens to be their first full free-to-play title. For those of you not familiar with Kemco RPGs, they are pretty much smack right out of the retro era for games and old school RPG titles you used to play on consoles like the NES. Usually their games cost around $3.99 and up but Machine Knight is their first attempt at a free-to-play game.