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Amazon AppStore will be available in over 200 countries within the coming months

Amazon has announced that they are planning to expand the AppStore’s reach to over 200 countries in the coming months, giving developers who happen to have games and applications for sale on Amazon’s AppStore a much bigger user base to sell to then what is currently available right now.

Unfortunately there was no definitive date announced as to when this expansion would be happening, and it will probably roll out in phases with chunks of countries being able to access Amazon’s AppStore. This expansion also include the ability to use AppStore integrated features like Amazon’s GameCenter, 1-click puchasing and IAPs. Some countries on the list include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, South Korea, and even Papua New Guinea and Vatican City.

If you’re a developer and have games and/or apps on Amazon’s AppStore, or plan on having some there, you should see a spike in purchases in the near future when this expansion begins to roll out. Hit up the link below to see a full list of countries that will be able to access the Amazon AppStore soon.

Official Website: Amazon’s AppStore Developer blog

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