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Paradox Interactive release new trailer for Leviathan: Warships (Best trailer ever)

Back in the beginning of February of this year we talked about a new naval warfare game that would be heading our way soon called Leviathan: Warships from Paradox Interactive. While we actually had quite a bit of the games features and details already, all we were lacking was a trailer to show off the gameplay. Paradox Interactive has rectified this issue and release what is probably one of the best game trailers ever.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage of Leviathan: Warships, this game is set in a fictional world where three factions are fighting it out for control of the world’s waterways. The Commonwealth, The Marauders and The Elites are the three faction that are all about controlling the ocean and eliminating the enemy. There is both single player and multiplayer game modes (both co-op and PvP) to play through in this game as well. Check out the new trailer below and be mesmerized into wanting this game.

There is plenty more details about Leviathan: Warships in our original post so definitely check that out after watching the trailer Android Police found, although the trailer does an excellent job summing the game up we think. As for when this game will arrive on Android, it should be arriving on April 30th.

Website Referenced: YouTube via Android Police Twitter

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