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OUYA apparently has around 10,000 developers on board to release games

OUYA has come out today with an announcement regarding the content which will be arriving soon for their Android-powered game console. According the to company, they already have around 10,000 developers signed up and working titles for their game console.

Now of course this doesn’t mean we will see 10,000 games flood OUYA in the next 6 months. What this does mean though is that there will be plenty of content heading our way for those of you who own, or will be owning, an OUYA console. As for the quality of games, there are some original titles in the works, plenty of ports, Triple-A titles and everything in between heading to OUYA.

OUYA’s head of relations, Kellee Santiago was the one to come out with the new today about all the developers who are on board. They do stress that to see success, developer need to release quality games and not just whip out as many titles as they can.

Website Referenced: Android Community

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