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Two more potential Kairosoft games to be released in the future

Looks like Kairosoft has two more games up their sleeves. Recently released on Kairo Park (which is the mobile gaming center Kairosoft uses for the two main Japanese carriers DoCoMo and Softbank), the two new games are a farming simulator, roughly translated as Firmament Hectare Farm, and a pirate themed adventure RPG also roughly translated as Great Pirate Quest Island.

The farming simulator was released on April 12th while the pirate adventure was released back on February 28th. While there is still no confirmation on when either will show up on Android OS or iOS, the rate that Kairosoft seems to be translating and putting out games seems to be every couple of months. While DroidGamers has visited a few other games in the past that we are still hoping get ported and translated like Anime Studio Story and Game Center Club, we can only hope that like Ninja Village all of these will see a port soon.

Here are the rough translations of the description for each game.

Firmament Hectare Farm (Japanese Translation)

There was wrapped in rich nature at some, a small farm. Staff who love agriculture come together, I’m making fruit and vegetables. Beginning was the farm staff who not grow crops to be satisfied, but it was the reputation to be as delicious cheeks fall after repeated breeding. Shipment request to rush from the shops in the neighborhood, and it was with the workmanship enough to also won the contest unawares. Furthermore, when you have welcomed visitors to make the facilities such as athletic and squares campground that it’ll let you eat more delicious crop, this jackpot. Tour lot of guests visited, Farm was of went evolved into tourist farm.  Premonition techniques rearrange is likely to become a point. Use well the agricultural facilities and “greenhouses” and “sprinkler”, let’s grow crops efficiently.

It is important that you make up the capacity of staff and breeding to increase crop yields. The built tourist facilities and “camping” and “athletic field”, if you hold a bus tour, income will increase remarkably.  Width of management also spreads funds, the more with the development of land and investment and work our way to a large hectares farm!  Now, let’s do our best with the aim lot of tourists visit, the rich natural plantation!

Great Pirate Quest Island (Japanese Translation)

In chest anxiety and a little romance … and dream, I decided I be a great pirate of legend that day three years ago. Find the fellow in the bar, and raised the knife in the weapon shop.It is the beginning of the voyage … Come aboard a large sailing ship I got to the King! As you complete the ship, evil pirates and monsters you’ve never seen it hampered in the way of us. However, while you are working hard or joined forces with fellow brave, and was able to to be able to win in the end, you can get a lot of treasure. If you give to friends the food you got in the battle, we were of went evolved into strong large pirate force Minagiri surprisingly.

[Real-time combat] Let’s organize the members in combat … sailors. Pirates and other monsters from coming attack on the ship, I’ll fight off in the strongest corps. [Development of the island] You’ll be able to or aligned and weapons supply of goods … ship arrived at the port. If you invest in the island, more powerful products I seems to flow.The attempt to develop more and more! [Quest Cheats] The starting island and mystery that appears to … around, the quest to exterminate the rival pirate. When you make a feat, let’s visit the source of the king once in a while. As long happening, I there is also I get a reward! It’s starting to great adventure together with sheep’s love Come on!

If Kairosoft follows their usual trends, which for the most part they do, we should see at least one of these games arriving sometime over the course of the next month.

Developer Website: Kairopark

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