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Square Enix announces a new social style Final Fantasy Tactics game is coming soon

While we are still waiting for Square Enix to catch up on some of their Final Fantasy games that were slated for release onto Android, like Final Fantasy IV, Square Enix has announced a new game called Final Fantasy Tactics S which is a social tactics style of game that is sort of a spin-off of Ivalice Alliance.

Final Fantasy Tactics S takes a few pieces of from a variety of Final Fantasy games and mashes them into one title. So, for example, the races, jobs, and monsters are all from the 2008 Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift game that was released for the Nintendo DS. This new social Final Fantasy game is actually a team effort as Square Enix has joined forces with Mobage in order to use their social gaming platform for this game.

This game will play out with players becoming a clan master who are charged with protecting the light of the crystal. You will be battling it out with a large amount of monsters who want to destroy the crystal. The social element to this game comes in the form of a competition between your clan and other players’ clans.

Unfortunately we don’t have much more details than that. However, if you speak Japanese or are located in Japan, you are able to sign up ahead of time to play Final Fantasy Tactic S when it launches. We are guessing it will launch in Japan only at first before going worldwide at a later time. However it is confirmed for Android devices.

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Official Website: Final Fantasy Tactics S

Website Referenced: Final Fantasy Network

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