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EA releases Supreme Heroes TCG in a soft launch, available in three locations only

EA has released a new multiplayer TCG title called Supreme Heroes in a soft launch with the game being accessible to only three locations right now: Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. If you’ve noticed a trend lately with this types of launches, you aren’t imagining things. Canada is quite popular for test launches of games lately (such as Eden to GREEN by Zynga) as is Hong Kong and Singapore.

Supreme Heroes is more of a comic book style TCG with the cards available being a way for you to customize your hero that you can create to your liking in this game. Once you’ve selected your hero and begun customizing him or her with unique abilities, which are represented by the cards in your deck totaling over 1000 different gear and ability cards, you’ll set out to wage war against a variety of opponents.

While most games of this nature tend to focus more on the multiplayer aspects of the game, Supreme Heroes seems to be more of a 50/50 split when it comes to multiplayer and single player content. The single player content is a good way to earn special rewards to enhance your hero but there also happens to be multiplayer tournaments that will be held on a weekly basis for prizes. There is also ‘leagues’ that you can join, basically guilds, where you and friends can fight together against other leagues. These leagues can also have thei members team up to take on stronger in-game opponents as well, not just other players.

Unfortunately we don’t know when this soft launch will end and Supreme Heroes will be made available on a more worldwide scale. However, if you live in Canada, Hong Kong or Singapore, you will be able to download Supreme Heroes off of Google Play for free. As with all TCGs, there will be optional in-game purchases available for booster packs of cards.

Gameplay video courtesy of Legion from our forums, thanks Legion!

Google Play Link: Supreme Heroes (North America) | Supreme Heroes (International)

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