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Bulkypix to unleash more zombies onto Android on May 7th with Undead Soccer

Bulkypix has a new game heading our way in about a week’s time where zombies are getting back into sports. Undead Soccer will have players getting ejected from a game and after you head to the locker room and sit there for some time waiting in anger, you head back out onto the field because you’ve noticed that things have gotten rather quiet. That’s the story anyways as you soon discover after you head back onto the field that everyone is now a zombie.

The audience, referees and players are all now zombies and you have only two items at your disposal: a trashcan lid and a soccer ball. You’ll be using these as your new tools of the trade to take down endless amounts of zombies who see you as their next snack.

Undead Soccer Features:

– Get excited with large variety of dreadful collectibles.
– 30 cool ball styles and 15 shield styles to unlock.
– Enhance your soccer ball power with 6 types of super powers.
– Travel through 7 themes to kill zombies.
– Many types of zombies bosses.

Once you get the hang of things in Undead Soccer then you will be able to start having a little fun with your new found profession as a professional zombie killing soccer player. You’ll be able to unlock different ball and shield styles along the way and use six different power-ups should you get into a sticky situation.

If you’re interested in checking this game out, you’ll be able to do so once Undead Soccer is released onto Google Play on May 7th, 2013. When it does arrive it will cost you $1.99 to kill zombies with an inflated ball.

Developer Website: Bulkypix


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