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EA announces that 16 of their games are compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy S4

Following in the footsteps of Gameloft’s recent announcement regarding how many of their games will be supporting Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 phone, EA has made a similar announcement today stating that 16 of their games are already ‘enhanced’ and compatible with the Galaxy S4.

While the company didn’t list all the actual games that are already compatible with the Galaxy S4, 16 titles is just about half of their current catalog of games on Google Play. It would be safe to assume that the 16 games that are supposedly already compatible and ‘enhanced’ for the Galaxy S4 are a majority of their newer games such as Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The company goes on to mention that across all of their studios (EA, PopCap and Chillingo) that a total of 25 games are already available for the Galaxy S4 and that more will be made compatible in the near future. Also, to celebrate the phone’s launch, EA has put Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Tetris and The Game of Life on sale for $0.99 although Tetris, as of the time of writing this, still shows its regular price.

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